Just a few rules!

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Just a few rules!

Post  annie2009 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:31 pm

Well as you know with other forums i thought it would be best to add a few rules to this forum

*All i am asking is if you be fair to this board we will be fair with you

*I dont want no bitchiness regarding any other forums or websites,If i see any signs of this you will have warning and if still carries on i will have no option to ban yu from the site

*Whatever is said in Sofastop should stay in Sofastop and also goes for other forums and websites being mentioned in Sofastop.Anyone being caught doing either will be banned

*With the signatures you can have what you like but if any that are offensive, Will be removed instantly

All i am saying is this is a place to chill and have laugh with other members

Thanks for havin a read of the rules

Ann and the team



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